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With support for high-level languages, it is also possible to develop games in Visual Studio.

The system provides its own code editor for each programming language to use. Cursor-based help is just as interesting.

If there is a typo or ambiguous code statement, the platform will display it as an error. You can also use the provided editor to create programs.

If you are writing code, you will want to test it during development. Visual Studio provides several debugging tools, and errors are immediately displayed to you.

Some mistakes are always accompanied by larger development projects. By integrating code analysis in Visual Studio, the developer platform provides the following options.

You can use profiling tools to manage code in programming languages C# and Visual Basic, and you can use C and C++ to analyze and measure the complexity of your code.

In addition, with Visual Studio 2019, you can effortlessly use a range of tools to create cloud-enabled applications for Azure.

Cloud Explorer shows the programming team all available Azure resources for the account used.

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借助 Visual Studio,Microsoft 的目标是较小的团队和软件开发人员。除了设计复杂的 64 位或 32 位应用程序之外,此集成开发环境还适用于小型有用的工具。


Visual Studio在程序开发方面提供高效稳定的支持,其长期可用性也可见一斑。

该系统自 1997 年以来一直支持软件开发人员,并且每个变体都添加了新的应用程序和功能。

Visual Studio 2019 支持以下编程语言:




用于 Web 开发的 JavaScript、HTML 和 CSS

通过提供 Web 开发工具,您可以创建动态网站和复杂的 Web 服务,例如连接家庭办公室或在线商店的功能。


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