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What features have been added to Office 2021

The software will be available in two different editions: Office 2021 LTSC for large business and government users, and Office 2021 for consumer and small business users.

1. Create with confidence
Create engaging documents and presentations with modern visuals, and quickly find what you’re looking for with improved navigation and search.



2. Arrange work and life
Efficiently manage messages, appointments, contacts and tasks in one place. At the same time, stay in control of meetings, deadlines, and family time with ease.



3. Track and organize easily
Use fewer, more powerful formulas to quickly build spreadsheets that update as information changes. Find data quickly with improved navigation and search.



4. Work seamlessly together
Easily share files, get notified when others edit or mention you in a comment, and quickly see what’s changed every time you open a document. 1Better performance features help your system run faster, and a new auto-save feature1 means you’ll never lose your work again.



Post time: Oct-09-2022

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