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It is reported that Microsoft plans to integrate ChatGPT technology into the Office plan to be released in March

According to the news on February 11, Microsoft has integrated the hot ChatGPT in the new version of the Bing search engine and the Edge browser, but it has not slowed down. On the contrary, Microsoft’s actions are very fast.
A new report of The Verge states that Microsoft is planning to release more news related to artificial intelligence at some time in March to integrate chatbot ChatGPT technology into Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Microsoft may show how the Office will use its model, combined with the new must -like ChatGPT chat robot, to achieve automation of writing tasks in Word, and so on. In fact, the report also pointed out that due to the integration of new must be with the Microsoft Edge browser, the model can already be used for the task of Office web applications. Microsoft is using their artificial intelligence technology to help create PowerPoint charts and graphics.

It is understood that Microsoft unexpectedly announced this week that the new artificial intelligence ChatGPT -driven Bing engine should have been launched in late February. However, due to Google’s reasons, Microsoft announced the plan in advance. Google also announced its own artificial intelligence chat robot Bard.

The Verge said that Microsoft executives are very confident that they are currently leading Google in artificial intelligence technology, but they are also worried that other companies will come out to threaten Microsoft’s office and productive forces through artificial intelligence.

Post time: Feb-20-2023

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